Why Paleo/AIP?

Gah, that’s going to require what I feel will be a long-winded answer.

Let me see if I can tackle this without boring you completely.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. At the time, I read a ton about how to live with the diagnosis and what it really meant. I started cooking gluten-free and relearning many of the things I knew about preparing food.

Fast forward, I had slacked with my gluten-free-ness during my pregnancy with our second baby-he was born in April 2016. Even after some post-partum testing and results returning normal, I still wasn’t feeling quite right; not myself. So, I started researching more, learned about the Paleo/AIP community, and came to the realization I needed to have a more restrictive diet if I 1) wanted to feel better and 2) hoped to put this disease into remission.

Here we are. I’ve been stair-stepping down eliminating things gradually and I’m now to the point where I’m definitely Paleo, but working toward AIP. You’ll see varied recipes from me for that reason. And, you’ll see how we (try to) make Paleo work in the restaurant world!

I am by no means an expert on Paleo/AIP living. But, I know that I feel better and seem to have better quality of life when I am being diligent.

You’ll also hear from my husband, who while he doesn’t have an autoimmune disease, has struggled with managing his weight throughout his life. He has found great freedom and moved toward a healthier lifestyle for himself in following the Paleo diet.

Welcome to our journey!




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